Problem Possible Solution
Paper is sticking to teeth on the perf
Grippers need to be adjusted or replaced. Lay a piece of clear tape over the perf. Possibly apply a silicone spray to the rule teeth.
Perf is not perforating as desired
Add pressure or change rule to a special high product.
Perf is slitting instead of perforating the paper
Reduce pressure, try changing to a special low product, or overlay the rule with a piece of clear film tape.
Rule is not perforating at all
Use a good hard 3- to 4-ply non-compressible blanket. Check the pressure. Reverse or use back side of blanket if possible. Does this particular press have springloaded cylinders designed to release under pressure as a safety precaution?
Teeth are bending or breaking off
Reduce pressure and make sure the correct height of perf for the stock is being used.
Perforation is straying from guidelines
Reduce pressure. Try using a 1/2” to 3/4” masking tape to overlay the perf (especially in high-speed web operations that generate heat).
Indentation or shoulder mark in paper is
appearing adjacent to the perforated line
Back off the pressure. Try a center-mounted rule to distribute pressure evenly to both sides of rule.
 None of the above
Call our toll-free number: 1-800-537-2514 for
experienced technical assistance.